Next Level Technology At Your Fingertips

The right technology enhances engagement. And we’ve got some interesting tech that provides users a three dimensional experience.


Aqomi Orbs

The Future Of Mobile Engagement


The Aqomi Orb is our flagship tech product. An Orb is a weathersealed bluetooth beacon which sends notifications to nearby mobile devices. We calibrate the range to work anywhere from 1 meter to 80 meters depending on their objective. The Orb is the future of interactive engagement based on proximity.



Facial Recognition

Look Who Just Walked In


Imagine being able to remember everyone who came in to your business and the important details about what makes them happy? Facial recognition is helping us achieve this.



Get Seen On A Third Dimension


Augmented reality is shaping the future. Our 4k hologram displays are helping brands differentiate some of their marketing and brand building efforts.



Influence Behavior Through Smell


Do you smell cookies? Us too. It’s amazing what happens when you start to think about how smell impacts experience. It can make people hungry, relaxed, and excited. We will help you prime your audience for experience through smell.

Ideas we live by

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.
John Lasseter

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