Technology designed to drive mobile engagement

Our Aqomi Orb™ Technology allows us to connect with nearby Android and IOS devices to send short Twitter-like notifications. These notifications are complimented with a logo and URL to your desired website.

We’re able to track impressions and measure engagement. With our Aqomi Orb™, the future is now.

Shopping Centers
Drive in-store foot traffic, increase sales, and promote your hottest offers.

Public Facilities

Help people navigate through public areas through way finding implementation.


Track medical supplies and stop overspending with Aqomi Orbs™.

Office Buildings

Use Aqomi Orbs™ for accurate time tracking of your employees.

Our Partners

Get started with Aqomi Orbs

Aqomi Orbs™ are available through our AqomiGo™ Leasing Program and our AqomiAds™ Network. With AqomiGo™ Leasing we set you up with the ideal managed Orb solution. With AqomiAds™ you’re reaching new customers through our advertising network.

AqomiGo™ Leasing

AqomiGo™ Leasing Programs are tailored solutions made affordable for businesses of all sizes.

AqomiAds™ Network

Our advertising network is a great way to reach your target audience in our designated high traffic areas.

Using our state-of-the-art tech, you’re able to broadcast push notifications to smart phones within a local vicinity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems pick up signals transmitted by the Aqomi Orb™?

We are proud to have Android and IOS systems working with the technology.

Where do the Aqomi Orb™ notifications appear?

Notifications will appear directly on the receiver’s home screen or in the nearby “notifications” tab.

Is an app required for users to view notifications?

No app is required, but the technology can work with apps as well.

Are big companies adopting similar technology?

Yep, they certainly are. Massive companies like Walmart, McDonald’s, and Macy’s.

Where is the future of this industry headed?

According to experts, this tech industry will be worth 25B by 2024.

Are we breaking any anti-spam laws?

Our Aqomi Orbs operate on both Google and Apple technologies, therefore we are in compliance with anti-spam legislation.

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Success Stories


Wayfinding for the Blind

University of Guelph

The University of Guelph’s campus is becoming more accessible to the blind. Around 80 Bluetooth beacons were installed in high traffic areas around campus to improve wayfinding.


Increasing Foot Traffic

Macy’s Department Store

Macy’s used Bluetooth beacons to jumpstart a mobile giveaway game. The retail giant increased in-store foot traffic, gathered valuable customer information, and improved customer loyalty.


Improving Healthcare

Leiden University Medical Center

The Leiden University Medical Centre used Bluetooth beacons to keep make sure that cardiac patients were treated as quickly as possible. The technology is improving the patients’ chances of survival.