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That's right, I've worked on over 2000 projects in the creative space. Name any industry and I'll find something cool to show you. I think the driving force behind my success is because I love buying things. I was raised as a first generation immigrant in Canada, my parents couldn't always afford to buy me the toys I wanted. So I would stand in the aisles at Toys'R'Us and memorize every feature on the packaging of the toys I wish I could have. This taught me how to identify the features that made products more desirable in the consumers' eyes. That's why the biggest brands in the world reach out to me for help with their sales problems. I'm still that curious kid trying to decide what I should buy with my only dollar.

Dogas -Album Release
Maserati Art
Jablonski Marketing UX & Branding
ShowGrow - Brand Refresh
Racing School Template
Infinity Imagination
Rocket Runner app
I Like to Waste My Time
Pixar Website Concept
Autodesk 123D
Bluewolf, IBM
LoveMeDo Mobile Makeup Studio
Gbox UX/UI & Branding
Visions New Brand Style
Xamarin rebrand
Modular Magnetic – 3D Printed Magnetic Playset
Re-designing the Edmonton City Centre mall directory.
San Carlos Auto Performance
Moviefone.com redesign
Tinkercad website design
GeneSpring branding & web design
Handle Financial
Redesign of Mobile Analytics for Microsoft
Branding Jablonski Marketing
Rustic Ridge Branding
Redesign Jablonski Marketing
Creation of open Source Bunk Bed with no Screws
Mobile Banking UX/UI
Jerry Sargeant Branding & Website
Autodesk Project Ignite
DHD Surfing
Modern UI Kit
Soup & Sandwich Co. Rebrand
Capital Models - Website Redesign
G4 Garage Website Refresh
SAGIPER North America
Water Tower Branding & Website Proposal
ArtofMagic New Brand and Website Concept
Relax Body Club
Error Page Designs
Mariano's Brand Meats
Logo Collection
Zeus 3D Printer
Milk Shirts - Photography | Website | Video
Massage The App
The Mystical Journey
Litter Robot Concepts
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